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Welcome to Spruce Music Academy

Expand Your Horizons

If you’re looking to expand your skill set and pursue a career you love, look no further. With our variety of courses, exceptional teachers and welcoming student environment, Spruce Music Academy is the place for you.

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Available Programs

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Spruce currently offers unique beginner and basic guitar courses for all ages, with plans to expand to more advanced levels and a greater diversity of instruments. We introduce music theory in a way that never dulls our students’ passion, while never relegating practice to second place.

Private Lessons

Spruce Music Academy offers several convenient options to accommodate our students’ busy lives. To hear more about how we can cater to your needs, contact us here or on any of our social media platforms to schedule your most convenient timing.

Private lessons

Group Lessons

Come on join us alongside your best friends and share your musical passion in our uniquely designed group lessons so you can all grow your skills together. Get in touch today to request application materials, schedule a tour, or bring any questions to our team.

Group lessons

Online Lessons

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Why let far distances or any other factors affect your passion ? ... with our live online lessons you set your love for music free with us and enjoy a one on one session with our amazing teachers ... so come on book your lessons now.

Online lessons

Available Packages

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Gold Package

Full 3-Months Course Payment

Get the highest level of discount alongside our maximum benefits to suit your musical passion in the most convenient pricing and best teaching environment.

Silver Package

Monthly Payment

Get a medium level of discount with our uniquely selected benefits to help you grow skills faster and become the best musician there is

Standard Package

Per Lesson Payment

Enjoy your time in our uniquely designed classes and our most passionate instructors.

News Section

To ensure we keep our students and community up-to-date, we’ve compiled our latest news coverage and announcements below. Check back often for the latest information, and get in touch with questions.

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