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About Us

It All Starts Here

Spruce Music Academy was founded in 2019 with the aim of revolutionizing the way music is taught in Egypt. Its custom-designed curriculum and teaching style focus on bringing passion for music to the fore.

Its founder, Khaled Azab, set aside his past career to pursue his passion for the guitar. He quickly gained a significant following on social media and soon brought his 14 years of musical experience into teaching.


At Spruce Music Academy, our mission revolves around five goals:

  1. Motivate Egypt’s aspiring musicians
  2. Inspire those who walk through our doors to new heights
  3. Unite all musical tastes and passions under one roof
  4. Directly contribute to the growing musical culture of Egypt
  5. Provide the best teaching possible to help create a new generation of talented Egyptian musicians


Our vision is that, in five years’ time, the name Spruce will be synonymous with quality teaching and associated with only the best musical talent in Egypt. Our growing community of musicians, teachers, and inspired students will change the musical landscape of Egypt.

We greatly believe that Spruce Academy is the ideal Guitar learning environment for students to build a solid foundation and prepare for a career in the industry. No matter which program you pick, you’re guaranteed a quality education from passionate instructors. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to read about our programs, admissions process and so much more.